A Split Soul

one soul divided in two separated by oceans searching unknowingly throughout each lifetime so close so recently meeting with a glance across a street recognition desperation to find meaning of such feeling deep within the light changes time moves forward once again separation


Where have you gone?

Where have you gone? I've been away not so long yet I feel disconnected unable to find you as I expected. Why can't you hear me call? Or do you and choose to ignore? Perhaps you think it will help you forget but you deceive only your mind not heart for you know the flame... Continue Reading →

Footprints, Together

Day has vanished. The sun has dropped like a penny into the pocket of the night. The sounds of the daylight hours have given way to quiet solitude. Fog is creeping in, engulfing the cypress trees, erasing my view of the ocean, hiding the moon that lights my wandering along the shore. Where are you?... Continue Reading →

Going Abroad for the First Time

It was that moment in life when the world changed: no longer did it seem like a distant place full of possibilities; instead, it beckoned, pleaded for her to walk across the threshold from the familiar into the unknown. It was a point of no return; the light that illuminated her past dimmed, and a... Continue Reading →


The tragic protagonist of his own creation Always caught up in self-pity or fake elation. The truth of his intentions lost so cheatingly He loved Juliet like every other before: fleetingly. They say with Juliet it was different, But I say they are wrong about his intention: He knew she was too good and would... Continue Reading →

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