Going Abroad for the First Time

Woman with Suitcase.jpgIt was that moment in life when the world changed: no longer did it seem like a distant place full of possibilities; instead, it beckoned, pleaded for her to walk across the threshold from the familiar into the unknown. It was a point of no return; the light that illuminated her past dimmed, and a ray of blinding sunshine lit the path before her. So, as if she had suddenly grown wings, she leapt and flew from the nest of her home, and her soul was enlivened; that shy, insecure, naïve girl embarked upon her real personal journey of growing into a woman she never imagined she could become. It was a rebirth of sorts. Not to discredit the shaping factors of her childhood – both the good and the tragic – as they, of course, would still have an influence on her future. The Goddess grabbed her hand and whispered, ‘Believe in yourself, and you will find your way – yours will be an extraordinary life, one like no other.’ And so it began in a tropical land, with salsa and merengue as its soundtrack, the sweetness of Spanish and olive-skinned men seducing her heart, and her first taste of world-shattering love for people, culture, wonder, new experience, and life. It was her drug, the most powerful one to which she would ever become addicted.”

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