The tragic protagonist of his own creation
Always caught up in self-pity or fake elation.
The truth of his intentions lost so cheatingly
He loved Juliet like every other before: fleetingly.

They say with Juliet it was different,
But I say they are wrong about his intention:
He knew she was too good and would soon see his doubt,
And like all others, he would toss her aside once the lust ran out.

His only way now was a dramatic gesture –
One final scene from Shakespeare’s greatest love jester.
Having grown tired of keeping up his own facade,
He needed to bow out with the audience awed.

Romeo allegedly killed himself out of grief,
Though his love for Juliet was young and so brief.
His past offenses of other women were forgotten,
And the label of hopeless romantic forever begotten. 

But I say this of dear Romeo:
He is nothing more than a fraudulent hero.

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